Bulk Sms Router

Client : Alcodes Solutions

The company offers promotional and transactional Bulk Sms solution to businesses across world.

Key Challenges

Many http based providers offering sms for business promotions are available in market, but the difference lies in the accuracy, speed and support. The client’s requirement was to establish himself in Bulk Sms Promotion Market with a robust, scalable and fast software working behind the bars, who is able to handle large load, connect with many vendor/operators platform and send sms seamlessly to customers across the world along with a filter to remove DND customers.

Proposition & Solution

We, the Indeses team having a global exposure and experience in telecom applications, Vas and Oss/Bss solutions came up with a SMPP protocol based router application solution and developed a multiple producer – multiple consumer architecture based application with below features :–

  1. Interaction on session based SMPP protocol with SMSC of multiple operators with session and persistent connection management.
  1. Sms Queue Management with multiple instance running at once to send sms.
  2. DND (Do Not Disturb) based database filtering.
  3. Features like: Multi Language, Flash SMS, single/group sms etc.

Results & Benefits

  • Our solution helped to attain a good place in sms promotion market in less time and reduce operational costs.
  • Indeses experience in telecom space helped alcodes to be least bothered on 3rd party integration issues and aspects like application performance, database handling etc.
  • Indeses additionally created monitoring tools and user friendly command sets to interact with application, check status or logs etc.



The entire console application was developed in Java and MySQL.


Flow Diagram

Bulk Sms Router

Mobile Vas Services – Selfcare and Sms Gang

Client : Triotech Solutions Pvt Ltd.

The company is a telecom vas provider to multiple telecom operators including BSNL and offers various subscription and charging based services to their customers.

Key Challenges

The client is well placed in telecom vas service providers market and wanted a unique and low cost solution to offer its customers a bouquet of services and enhance their usage experience on a monthly vas subscription or per usage basis.

Proposition & Solution

Indeses being highly exposed to telecom services space made a study to identify the requirement pattern of subscribers in India and came up with solution to create a vas service which will empower the customers to use many common vas services in a single user friendly interface.

Indeses developed below two applications having listed features:–



  1. MSelfCareIt is a unique sms based application through which talktime can be gifted or seek. It also has some other add on features like gifting STVs, emergency SOS etc.

These bouquet of services offers a unique value added pack for any Mobile Operator customers.


Following services were part of “M-Selfcare” Solution:


1) Send talk time – “gifting TT to your loved one when in need”

2) Gift Packs – “gifting STVs to your friends”

3) Seek Talk time from friend

4) Call – me – back SMS

5) Loan – Taking certain Amount from Operator as a loan

6) SOS – Emergency SMS


  1. SmsGang


Sms Gang is a unique Vas Service which allows customer to create their own gang and send unlimited sms to gang members by actually sending a single message.


Both the Applications involve configuration of some Processing Fee which will be charged additionally from the customer using this service or either per usage basis or subscription basis.

The application also involves integration with Operator IN Platform for online balance transfer, recharge, adjustment etc and integration with Smsc over Smpp protocol for Sending and receiving Sms.

Results & Benefits

  • Our solution helped triotech to offer these services to multiple operators and increase their footprint.


  • The Service further helped the clients of triotech to promote their brand image among customers, increase their satisfaction and add on revenues.


The entire web application was developed in Java and MySQL.

Integration Document

Mobile Vas Services – Selfcare and Sms Gang

Recharge Solution using Self Service Kiosk

ClientAlkiyo Neyworks Pvt Ltd

The company offers various recharge services through website, Mobile and Self-service KIOSK placed at different malls and public locations in Jaipur.

Key Challenges wants to offer Mobile and DTH Recharge solutions on website and also wanted to expand its market by providing users a convenient and secure self-service KIOSK on a web based platform for buying all type of Mobile/DTH/Data Card recharges by paying money through the machine and getting receipt and a system to keep track of their entire processes and efficient payment reporting and recharge confirmation system.

Proposition & Solution

Online Website and Recharge Application platform for public users and CRM solution for to manage and track all activities from online recharge sales to actual payment collection on Kiosk Machine. Our solution included the following features:

Indeses developed an Online Mobile Recharge System consisting of a website and Kiosk Interactive Application to manage and track all activities from online recharge sales to actual payment collection on Kiosk.

Our solution included the following features:

  1. Development of CRM module for managing entire process from operator registration, updating recharge propositions, interaction with operator recharge gateways and tracking all activities, keeping track of payments etc.
  1. Development of Online website for enabling users to register and recharge different mobile numbers and pay online.
  2. Development of Kiosk App for touch enabled user input interface, interacting with Coin Acceptor and Cash Collector devices and printing recharge receipts on thermal printer.

Results & Benefits

  • Our solution helped to become one of the leader in online recharge estate and to do brand promotions on every kiosk machines.
  • Indeses delivered the product on time thus allowing client business team with appropriate time to market their product.
  • com was extremely satisfied with the outcome of this project.
  • Application Logging and Events + New features introduced within the system were taken up and Indeses ensured the faster delivery for the same to take the system to the next level.


The entire web application was developed in PHP/MySQL and the Kiosk Application was developed in ASP.Net and C#.

Travel Web Portal


The Web portal offers travel packages to client worldwide.

Key Challenges

The Client belongs to Netherlands and the requirement was to develop a travel portal for international clients with many trip customization and group creating features.

Proposition & Solution

Indeses after analyzing detailed client expectation has developed a web portal featuring below properties.


  1. Welcome Page with language selection along with pictures.
  2. Pictures of predefined groups along with Titles of Travel Packages with below options.Join a Group.
    With your Friends.
    With your Kids.
  3. list of all available travel Packages in the selected Group and there detailed page on click.
  4. Final booking confirmation of Trip and record management.
  5. Email communications to customer, owner.


A CMS Panel for website admin was also built to support pictures, events and content updating.

Results & Benefits

The solution helped the client in effective management of travel leads and increase its customer footprint.


The entire web application was developed in PHP and MySQL.