Mobile Interactive SMS Engine

A mobile sim hosting application for receiving and sending Sms through Mobile phone attached to the computer via USB and sending keyword wise received Sms on configured URLS.

Applications of Sms Engine

There is no limit to think as how you can use the above application for automations, but few ideas are as given below in which the Sms Engine application can be used effectively.

  • Sending Notifications or Promotional Sms to customers, employees,
    retail channel or individuals.
  • Sending Birthday/Anniversary and other events sms on a scheduled
    time, so that you never miss important dates.
  • Sending MIS Alerts, Business Alerts to a group of peoples including
    employees, retailers etc.
  • Sending Interactive Sms and then Receiving Response for analysis to
    take feedbacks or running Quiz Sessions and other User Interactive
  • Creating Remote controlling systems.

  • Gather Information from peoples going on remote places so as to
    track their work, for eg: we can ask our representative to sms the
    work performed or other details on a sms long code whenever they
    visit a customer/retailer.
  • Creating Group Alert Messaging System, For eg, if there is a group
    named SALES having 10 peoples, then we can configure such that if
    someone writes SALES<space>Message to a long code then this
    message will be sent to all 10 group members.

Make an Astrology Application, For eg User will send sms mentioning
his Zodiac sign to an sms long code, the application will receive the
same and give response to the user containing details of the Zodiac


  • Customer

    ALKIYO Networks Pvt Ltd

  • Technology

    Visual Basic 6.0 and MS Access