SMPP bulk SMS Router


A Php Website frontend for Bulk SMS campaigns creation.
Java Application to connect with multiple SMSC using SMPP protocol and send bulk sms @ 100 + TPS rate. Also has feature for DND filtration and Delivery Report updation.

  • Compose SMS – This page will contain two boxes; one is to write SMS and second is for mobile numbers with all basic functions like character count, WAP, Flash and text. Options csv, txt upload, address book, groups, Send now/ later option at bottom (in Ajax). And then confirmation page with transaction summery (SMS text and total deduction of SMS, Sending date and time). After confirmed *submitting*>*submitted* page will open.


  • Address Book – Here user can save Name, Number, DOB, and DOA individually.


  • Groups – This tool is for creating groups of numbers.
  • Scheduled SMS – This page will show list of all scheduled SMS, here scheduled time and date can be edited and also deleted.


  • Drafts – If the job is left in between than the typed content with the progressed job like entered numbers or any uploaded file will be saved here. User can discard transaction.


  • Delivery Reports – This page will contain delivery reports. The old reports can be retrieved by date to date. With description like Message, recipient Number, NDNC/Invalid Numbers, undelivered/delivered and also available error codes (reason).


  • In delivery reports user can segregate reports by dnd numbers and also the reports can be downloaded in csv format.


  • Monthly Reports – This page will show Number of SMSes sent on particular dates in selected month, here date will be hyper link, user can retrieve desired details by clicking on hyper link.


  • Purchase Report – credit/debit details can be retrieved here by date to date.


  • Customer

    ALCODES Mobility

  • Technology

    Php, Mysql and Java