USSD SS7 Gateway Solution

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data which is a capability of GSM mobile phone much like the Short Message Service (SMS).

The concept of USSD real time session is used for constructing an interactive menu driven application.

Existing MSC, VLR, and HLR network elements are proprietary and run on non-standard operating environments located in trusted operator’s zones that make it difficult to build and deploy new applications.  Also, these network elements do not provide the tools and interfaces needed to access and retrieve data from content providers over Internet.

The Indeses USSD Gateway connects to the MSC, VLR, or HLR and enables the flow of USSD messages to be extended to an open, standards-based application server located in the IP network.

The USSD Gateway makes use of HTTP protocol between gateway and Value Added Service Modules or third party applications.

It receives the USSD request from subscriber handset/device via GSM Signaling network, these requests are translated to SIP/HTTP depending on the rules set by the user and then routed to corresponding Value Added Service (VAS) or 3rd party application.

Interworking Diagram


Advantages of the USSD Solution


  1. Interactive menu, and therefore easier to use.  A user is asked to respond to a series of menus.
  2. Possible both in feature and smart phones; in fact all phones.
  3. The responses are automated. The user needs to reply and wait.
  4. USSD applications allow roaming. Ie USSD applications can still work while a user is away from home network without extra cost.
  5. Because the menu does not reside in the hand set or SIM-card, menu update is easier.


Once USSD Gateway is deployed, many application can be built on it, Few examples are :–

Account credit checking


M-payment and credit transfer between accounts

Service activation/deactivation

Network usage summary

Customer        :

Triotech Solutions Pvt Ltd

Technology  :

Java, PHP and MYSQL