Bulk SMS Gateway Services

Bulk SMS Gateway Services

As the internet is roaring globally, its brood powers are rising phenomenally into existence. Harnessing the immense potential of a smartphone connected to the telecom and internet, text SMS and related alerts can have a huge impact on a full-time smartphone user. In this Business world with growing competition it is important for enterprises and small businesses to carve out a space where they can they can beat the giants to survive in the market.Read More

Understanding this, we have mastered the trio of Java, Oracle and My SQL to provide you with all sorts of bulk SMS gateways for all purposes. A typical bulk SMS gateway can be easily integrate it into an existing functional project or module. This has a lot of potential of making your business and modus operandi smarter, reliable and informative for the ease of your customers. As the world has been talking about customer obsession and giving them a complete experience of the service rendered or the good sold, bulk SMSs can ride on the fast currents of smartphones with the internet.

The carefully chosen triplet of Java, Oracle, My SQL makes the experience of our developers in telecom sector pretty evident. Before going in for the project we would like to bring your knowledge that Java has the tested potential of serving over 1 billion devices with Oracle and the DBMS My SQL supporting it to make your product complete and more reliable.

Service and Functionality Analysis
Our experts begin with deeply understanding your business process and the back-end services rendered to analyse all the places web bulk SMS module can be incorporated to make the system functioning rational.

Gateway Development and Integration
After the project signing and requirement definition, our expert developers kick-start the development process by exhibiting their exquisite skills at Java, Oracle and My SQL to quickly take the project to completion. Our bulk SMS gateway services include:

  • Promotional SMS
  • Transactional SMS
  • VASs
  • Bulk SMS
  • Missed call alerts
  • Promotional SMS

Gateway Maintenance & Scalability

Once the software is delivered, our developers continue to work for maintaining the rightly operational SMS gateway and allocating resources prior to scalabilty operations foreseeing your expansion.

Why Indeses for SMS gateways?

Re-Engineering Solutions
Not just making a new SMS gateway but skilfully integrating an already existing project with a robust SMS gateway is a major part of our skillset.

Multimedia and Multilingual Support
The gateways made by Indeses developers are capable of managing the bulk delivery of compatible multimedia components with a comfortable support in many languages.

Round-the-Clock Assistance
Every client at Indeses is provided with round-the-clock assistance for the issues faced while deploying and managing industries products.

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