USSD Based Services

USSD Based Services

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data, or USSD as it is commonly known, is arguably the simplest and definitely the most affordable channel through which you can reach out and offer services to the widest possible customer base. Since the technology is compatible with almost every GSM mobile phone, all you need is a reliable backend system and personalized service architecture to start serving a large number of clients.Read More

Having absolute command over related technologies like Java, Oracle, MySQL, among others, and experience of navigating through various developmental challenges, the developers at Indeses are more than capable of building highly reliable and customized USSD based solutions to meet your business needs.
USSD Based Services

WAP Mobile Browsing
We offer to create USSD-based applications through which the users can browse the most simplified version of the internet without incurring much data costs and enable you to have maximum outreach.

Mobile Money Services
If you wish to offer financial services through your USSD-based application, we have all the expertise and tools in place to create such applications through which the users can securely make fund transfers.

Prepaid call-back Services
Prepaid call-backs are one of the most powerful tools in marketing and customer service domain. If you want to offer such services to your clients, we offer to create such applications that make this task automated and seamless.

Location-based Content Services
We can also create USSD-based applications that provide users with services tailored to their specific location. You can deploy such applications to better handle your diverse customer base with services uniquely suited for them.

Information Services Menus
You can also avail our USSD-based services to create a digital catalog of all your services that you can show to every user in a cost-effective manner. These service menus are fully customized and designed as per your specifications.

Indeses Guarantees

Customized Solutions
Every application we deliver is built keeping in mind your unique business requirements and accommodates all your requests.

While our quotations are already among the most competitive ones, our additional services like 24/7 support and consistent feedback ensure that you get the best value out of your money.

Reliable and bug-free solutions
Every solution we develop goes through extensive tests before it is finally deployed. So, be assured that once you receive your solution, nothing can possibly go wrong.

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